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7/6/2015 The United States of Aging Survey 2015

Each year the United States of Aging Survey — conducted by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a), National Council on Aging (NCOA) and UnitedHealthcare — polls U.S. adults 60 and older for their insights on how older Americans are preparing for their later years, and what communities can do to better support this growing population. New in 2015, the survey also polled professionals who work closely with older adults, including Area Agencies on Aging staff, credit union managers, primary care physicians and pharmacists, to gain their perspectives on the challenges older Americans face as they age.

5/19/2015 Study: Comprehensive Eye Exams Can Help Re-engage Patients Into Care for Certain Chronic Conditions, With the Potential to Help Improve Health and Reduce Costs

Comprehensive eye exams can help re-engage patients into care for certain chronic conditions, with eye care professionals encouraging people to seek follow-up treatments from primary care physicians and specialists, according to a new study by UnitedHealthcare.

3/12/2015 White Paper: Veterans, Health Care & Jobs

Paralyzed Veterans of America and UnitedHealth Group collaborated on recommendations for resolving veterans’ and caregiver unemployment by promoting increased hiring in health sector occupations - clinical and nonclinical. The recommendations are outlined in this joint policy paper.

12/9/2015 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report: Americans Less Sedentary; Rising Drug Deaths, Obesity Pose Challenges

Americans are making meaningful progress on key health metrics including smoking less and leading less sedentary lifestyles, but rising rates of drug deaths, obesity, diabetes and children in poverty signal serious challenges, according to United Health Foundation’s 26th America’s Health Rankings® Annual Report: A Call to Action for Individuals & Their Communities.

4/30/2015 Study: UnitedHealthcare's Tenth Annual 100@100 Survey - 2015

Tenth annual 100@100 survey polls 10-year-olds in addition to 100-year-olds, finds disagreement on aging but surprising common ground on the importance of family, role models and going to the dentist.

9/21/2016 Nearly One Third of Americans Now Comparison Shop for Health Care, But Few People Have a Full Understanding of Basic Insurance Concepts

More Americans are using technology to improve access to health care and make more informed decisions, even as most have a limited understanding of basic health insurance terms or the cost of specific medical services, according to a new study from UnitedHealthcare.

9/28/2016 New Report Highlights New Level of Detail in Wide Variations of Women and Children’s Health Across the Country

Notable differences in the health of women and children exist across – and often even within – states according to some of the key findings of United Health Foundation's 2016 America's Health Rankings® Health of Women and Children Report.

12/14/2016 2016 Annual Report: Years of Positive Health Gains in the United States Threatened by Rise in Cardiovascular and Drug Deaths

The nation’s health is seeing concerning upticks in key health indicators according to the key findings in United Health Foundation’s 27th America’s Health Rankings Annual Report.

12/7/2015 Study: Clinical Home Visit Program Reduces Costly Hospital and Nursing Home Admissions, Increases Physician Office Visits Among Medicare Beneficiaries

A RAND Corporation study published today in the peer-reviewed journal Health Affairs demonstrates the effectiveness of Optum’s HouseCalls program in reducing costly hospitalizations and nursing home admissions, and increasing the use of office-based physician care.

4/5/2016 New Analysis: Finds 25 Million Americans Face 6x Likelihood of Poor Health from Multiple Unhealthy Behaviors

New analysis examining five unhealthy behaviors – smoking, excessive drinking, insufficient sleep, physical inactivity, obesity – finds more than 25 million American adults have multiple unhealthy behaviors (three or more).