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11/1/2017 UnitedHealthcare Offers New Hospital Indemnity Protection Plans to Employers and Their Employees Nationwide

UnitedHealthcare has introduced nationwide new Hospital Indemnity Protection plans that provide a cash benefit to help fund employees’ out-of-pocket medical expenses or meet other financial needs after a hospital stay.

2/6/2017 Funding Available for Kansas Organizations Improving Access to Health Care in Rural and Frontier Areas

UnitedHealthcare is now accepting proposals from community nonprofits and government agencies aimed at improving health resources and programs for Kansas residents living in rural and frontier areas.

4/6/2017 Baton Rouge Area Foundation Receives $250,000 Grant from UnitedHealthcare to Help with Relief and Recovery Efforts from the Floods in Southeast Louisiana

UnitedHealthcare has donated $250,000 to support five organizations that are helping with Southeast Louisiana’s long-term, sustainable recovery after the devastating floods of 2016.

9/18/2017 First Lady of North Carolina Kristin Cooper Joins United Health Foundation and Whole Kids Foundation to Award 22 Garden Grants to North Carolina Schools and YMCAs

First lady of North Carolina Kristin Cooper joined United Health Foundation and Whole Kids Foundation today to award 22 grants totaling $44,000 to schools and YMCAs statewide.

5/1/2017 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team to Bring Awareness to UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

The UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team today unveiled a new uniform that both the men's and women's teams will wear during the upcoming AMGEN Tour of California.

5/11/2017 LaDainian Tomlinson of Los Angeles Chargers and UnitedHealthcare Unveil New Playground for Students at Horace Mann Elementary School

LaDainian Tomlinson of Los Angeles Chargers and UnitedHealthcare Unveil New Playground for Students at Horace Mann Elementary School.

11/29/2017 UnitedHealthcare’s New Healthy Pregnancy Mobile App Designed to Help Expectant Moms Take Steps Toward Healthier Deliveries

The UnitedHealthcare Healthy PregnancySM mobile app, an interactive program providing expectant women with personalized content and 24/7 nurse support during pregnancy and after delivery, is now available to people enrolled in most UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored plans.

8/18/2017 UnitedHealthcare Awards $234,000 in Grants to Improve Access to Care in Rural Kansas

UnitedHealthcare awarded four grants this week to local community organizations that are improving access to health care for Kansans living in rural areas.

5/9/2017 Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce and UnitedHealthcare Donate $20,000 to Oak Grove School District

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and UnitedHealthcare donated $20,000 to the Oak Grove School District.

2/15/2017 New Children’s Storybook about Good Deeds Raises Funds to Help Families Pay for Child Medical Costs

The UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation (UHCCF) is combining messages of kindness and generosity with creative storytelling in its latest children's book chronicling the adventures of Oliver the lovable bear and Hope the spirited butterfly.