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4/29/2015 Expect With Me Program Featured in Video

Watch this video to see how Expect With Me helped new mom, Ella Niemela, take control of her health and the health of her baby.

7/8/2015 The 2015 United States of Aging Survey Infographic: Older Adults and Professionals Who Support Them

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5/4/2016 Infographic: Leading the Transition to Value-Based Care

We're leading the transition to value-based care. Why? Because it's the best path to better health, better care and lower costs - for everyone. Share this infographic.

5/20/2016 Infographic: Our Baby Blocks Program for Expectant and New Moms

Our Baby Blocks program for expectant and new moms is improving maternal and infant health outcomes. Share this infographic.

6/30/2013 UnitedHealthcare Grants Awarded to Non-profit Organizations in California Featured in Video

(July 30, 2013) - UnitedHealthcare is awarding more than $5 million in grants to California nonprofits to help strengthen health care infrastructure. Hispanic communities are among those that will benefit.

7/30/2013 Infographic: The United States of Aging Survey - What Matters Most to Seniors in the United States

View the United States of Aging infographic for more information on this year's survey.

9/13/2013 Infographic: Medicare Made Clear Index

More than 1 in 5 beneficiaries say Medicare is confusing according to the Medicare Made Clear Index, a recent UnitedHealthcare survey of 1,000 older adults.

7/30/2013 The United States of Aging Survey

(July 30, 2013) – Relationships with friends and family outweigh financial concerns among older Americans seeking fulfillment in their senior years, according to the second annual United States of Aging Survey.

5/2/2013 Infographic: What Can We Learn from One Hundred 100-Year-Olds?

See what the UnitedHealthcare infographic shows that we can learn from the survey of one hundred 100-year-olds.

11/3/2014 Infographic: The Nature of Primary Care Delivery and the Needs of Patients are Changing

View the infographic for more information on how the nature of primary care delivery and the needs of patients are changing