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9/29/2010 First-of-Its-Kind, Multidisciplinary Roundtable on Specialty Pharmacy Explores Access, Adherence and Cost for Fastest-Growing Segment of Prescription Drug Market

(Sept. 29, 2010) - A first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary roundtable discussion about specialty pharmacy and its impact on the health care system convened today in New York City.

11/18/2010 UnitedHealthcare's “UnitedHealth Personal Rewards” Program Gives Consumers Customized Road Maps to Healthier Lifestyles

(Nov. 18, 2010) – UnitedHealthcare has launched “UnitedHealth Personal Rewards,” an innovative program that uses health scorecards to encourage healthy behaviors and target specific health actions using customized information, financial incentives and ongoing support for consumers.

2/1/2010 UnitedHealthcare "Refill and Save Program" Rewards Prescription Drug Compliance with Discounts on Select Medications

(Feb. 1, 2010) – UnitedHealthcare has launched an innovative program that offers $20 discounts off certain prescription drug co-payments for plan participants who refill their medications on a timely basis.

8/5/2010 Ingenix Makes Specially-Tailored CareTracker Electronic Health Record Systems Available to Federally Qualified Community Health Centers

August 5, 2010 – Ingenix, a leading health information technology and services company, today announced it is making a specially-designed version of its Ingenix CareTracker practice management and electronic health record (EHR) system available to Federally Qualified Health Centers.

2/9/2010 UnitedHealthcare Creates Adult National Cancer Care Registry with Data and Analysis to Support Oncologists in the Fight Against Cancer

(Feb. 9, 2010) – UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, launched its Oncology Care Analysis (OCA) program.

12/16/2010 Prescription Solutions Benefit Preferences Tool Helps Clients Design Customized Pharmacy Benefit Plans

(Dec. 16, 2010) – Prescription Solutions, a leading pharmacy benefits management (PBM) organization and UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, has launched a unique online program called the Benefit Preferences Tool that helps clients develop customized pharmacy benefit plans based on their specific needs and preferences.

8/23/2010 Medica to Offer its Customers Consumer-Directed Health Plans and OptumHealth Financial Services’ Tax-Advantaged Health Care Accounts

(Aug. 23, 2010) - Medica today announced that it has teamed with OptumHealth Financial Services (OptumHealth) to deliver consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) to all of Medica’s commercial health plan customers – making Medica the first health plan in Minnesota to offer a full spectrum of health benefit services to employers of all sizes.

8/4/2010 UnitedHealth Group Announces New Initiatives to Encourage and Empower Physician Adoption of EHRs That Meet Federal "Meaningful Use" Criteria

August 4, 2010 – UnitedHealth Group [NYSE: UNH] today launched new initiatives, which further enhance its broad portfolio of electronic health record (EHR)-related programs.

11/9/2010 Is an HSA Your Best Health Insurance Option?

(Nov. 9, 2010) – More Americans will find health savings accounts (HSAs) among their health insurance options this year, whether they participate in an employer-sponsored plan or purchase coverage directly on their own.

10/3/2011 UnitedHealthcare Announces 2012 Medicare Plans

(Oct. 3, 2011) – UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, today announced its 2012 Medicare products.