When We Start and End Communications

Our team’s work begins roughly 15 weeks prior to the Human Capital integration date and ends two-to-four weeks after that date.

Our approach is to provide information well in advance of any impact to employees and before they have to make any choices or take action.

When Communications Begin

Through experience, we’ve learned not to communicate large amounts of detail too far in advance of these impact/action periods in order to avoid information overload and employee frustration.

Of course, milestones don’t drive all communications. Employees sometimes have concerns about topics unrelated to milestones such as paid time off transition and benefits premiums.

In general, we time the beginning of our communications based on:

  1. Whether the Human Capital (HC) integration date and the length of time before that date is set.

    The HC integration date is when the new employees join the payroll and receive benefits from UnitedHealth Group. In general, we begin HC transition communications around 12 weeks prior to that date. Each acquisition is different, so our communications strategies are flexible.

  2. What we know about the transition.

    Transition planning takes time. We can’t communicate what has yet to be resolved, but we do tell employees planning is in progress, who is making the decisions and when they will receive more information.

    For example:

    • We can communicate that compensation mapping is underway with our Compensation team and their company leaders, and that employees will receive individual letters detailing their salary/hourly wage and bonus program as soon as we complete the mapping near the end of February.
    • We can communicate UnitedHealth Group’s paid time off (PTO) policy, but we can’t explain how their current PTO will transfer to UnitedHealth Group until it’s determined by the project leaders

  3. Other factors unique to each partnership or acquisition. For example, we will communicate a gap between when their payroll ends and ours begins as soon as possible to give employees time to prepare their finances.

When Communications End

Our communications work concludes between two-to-four weeks after the Human Capital integration date when employees have gained access to the Hub and the HRdirect Contact Center for their questions. At that time, our team:

  • Stops taking questions through the email box on the onboarding website.
  • Stops updating the onboarding website.
  • Sends one final transition update to address any outstanding issues.
  • Rides into the sunset.

Human Capital Transition Communication Examples

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