Each communication requires multiple reviews before we send it. We build review time into our schedule. The reviewers are:

  • The subject matter experts
  • The communications team members
  • They must always review all communications prior to sending.
  • Sometimes people at the acquired company are reviewers, but we prefer to simply give them advance copies of the communications rather than involve them in the reviews. Communications team members from the acquired company help to identify their company’s stakeholders.

Review Process

  1. After the team lead drafts the Human Capital communications, she or he coordinates reviews with the subject matter experts (such as compensation experts), revises the communications and forwards them to the communications team for simultaneous review with a specified deadline.
  2. The team lead consolidates edits and resolves conflicts either through email or during a communications team meeting, or makes judgement calls as appropriate.
  3. Next, the team lead gets legal approval on the communications.
  4. Finally, one team member from the acquired company circulates to their stakeholders an advance copy of the communications one day prior to delivery.

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