Team Mission and Roles

Communications are one of the Human Capital (HC) work streams in the integration project. Others include payroll, health and wellness benefits, compensation, talent acquisition, etc.

Our team supports employees’ human capital transition to, and just beyond, the integration date with effective communications. We create a positive transition and onboarding experience for employees.

We communicate important information about all Human Capital programs to prepare our new employees to make necessary decisions and successfully onboard to the company. We follow best practices we have developed and refined through dozens of acquisitions.

Communications Team Members and Roles

Human Capital Communications (HC) Team Lead
  • Works closely with the UnitedHealth Group HC partner
  • Recruits other team members
  • Schedules and runs team meetings
  • Builds HC integration communications plan
  • Writes communications
  • Manages reviews
  • Gathers information/final details from all other work streams (such as payroll, compensation, etc.) and participates in their meetings as needed
  • Serves as the gatekeeper for ALL human capital transition communications

Business Segment Communicator
  • Manages business communications such as internal and external sign and close communications, vendor notifications and executive messages

Representatives from Acquired Company
  • Helps team understand company culture, demographics and company’s communication channels
  • Reports employee’s concerns and reactions to the team
  • Makes recommendations for the content and timing of communications
  • Coordinates necessary reviews within their company
  • Identifies stakeholders at their company
  • Informs stakeholders of planned communications and carries their concerns to our team

Legal Representative

The team lead reviews communications with this representative before anyone disseminates any communications.

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