Tennessee Primary Care Association: Connecting Tennesseans With Telehealth Technology

April 01, 2015
TPCA group photo

Tennessee Primary Care Association (TPCA) will broaden access to telehealth technology with a partnership grant from United Health Foundation. L to R: Rick Reeves, UnitedHealthcare Community & State; Kathy Wood-Dobbins, CEO, TPCA; Rep. Harold Love Jr (D-Nashville); Rep John Ray Clemmons (D-Nashville); Mary Bufwack, PhD, CEO, Neighborhood Health; Rita Johnson-Mills, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee.

Tennessee Primary Care Association (TPCA) was awarded a $900,000 partnership grant from United Health Foundation to help support "Tennessee Quality Connect," a clinical initiative that connects health care professionals and patients through Community Health Centers (CHCs) using telehealth technology.

"We are thrilled to receive United Health Foundation's support to help us expand our work with CHCs in delivering comprehensive care for patients living with hypertension, diabetes, depression and more – especially for people living in remote areas," said Kathy Wood-Dobbins, CEO of TPCA.

The ability to leverage technology and create a more modern approach to health care delivery through telehealth extends the reach of urban-based specialty care providers, improving access to critical health services in remote and underserved areas. More than 10 million people nationwide directly benefited from using telemedicine in 2014, according to the American Telemedicine Association.

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Tennessee Primary Care Association Receives $900,000 Grant from United Health Foundation to Broaden Access to Telehealth Technology

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