Last-Minute Tax and Health Insurance Enrollment Tip: Save Tax-Free for Health Care with a Health Savings Account

March 12, 2014
  • has resources to help consumers add up savings, tax advantages

As consumers across the country navigate tax season and a changing health care landscape this year, the savings and control over health care spending offered by health savings accounts (HSAs)  deserve a closer look.

The Affordable Care Act has changed a few aspects of HSAs; however, their triple-tax advantages remain – money deposited into an HSA is still tax deductible, interest on these savings still grows tax deferred, and funds withdrawn for qualified medical expenses are still tax-free.  Any money left in the account at the end of the year rolls over to the next year, accumulating over time for use when needed, even for retirement health care costs.

Newly enhanced resources at enable consumers to learn more about health savings accounts and estimate potential savings, now and over time, before deciding if an HSA might be the best choice for their family's budget and health care needs.   Updated features include:

Consumers who already have an HSA should consider maximizing their contribution before the April 15, 2014, deadline to take advantage of their tax and savings benefits.  For the 2013 tax year, HSA contributions are tax deductible up to $3,250 for individuals and up to $6,450 for families.  HSA holders 55 and older can contribute and deduct an additional $1,000. 

Many states also allow deductions from state taxes for HSA contributions. was created as an online education site for consumers by Golden Rule Insurance Company and UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company, UnitedHealthcare companies offering products under the UnitedHealthOneSM brand to individuals and families who buy their own health insurance.

For more information about UnitedHealthOne HSA health plans, consumers can call 1-800-444-8990 or contact an independent local insurance broker who offers UnitedHealthOne plans.

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