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October 05, 2011

Whether people get their health coverage through their employers or purchase their own policies, millions of Americans are reviewing their health plan options for 2012 and looking for ways to keep more money in their pockets while meeting their health care needs.

An increasing number of consumers are choosing health savings accounts (HSAs), which are available for both group and individual health insurance plan participants. According to a January 2011 census by insurance trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans, more than 11 million Americans with group or individual coverage had HSA high deductible health plan coverage – an increase of more than 14 percent over last year.

In addition, 61 percent of all employers currently offer consumer-directed health plans as either an option or the only choice available to their employees, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health. That number is expected to be as high as 73 percent in 2012, according to the same survey.

To make it easier for consumers to decide whether an HSA is their best health insurance option, UnitedHealthcare’s Golden Rule Insurance Company recently updated its online resource site Consumers can consult the following resources to learn about HSAs:

  • Use one of three available calculators to compare HSAs to other health plans, estimate potential tax savings and calculate the future value of accumulated savings.
  • View new presentations that highlight what an HSA is, how it works and the cost-saving advantages.
  • Read the latest information on the limited impact of health care reform on HSAs.
  • Have a question? Check the updated Health Savings Account FAQs page for answers.
  • Visit the website to learn about 2012 HSA contribution limits, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

“Today, a quarter of Golden Rule’s customers are covered by HSA health plans. More and more consumers are learning how HSAs work as well as their overall value, which includes savings on health insurance premiums, more control over health care spending and reducing their taxes,” said Richard A. Collins, Golden Rule CEO. “We think it’s important to offer consumers practical tools, such as, to help them determine the best health insurance plan for their family.”

Golden Rule’s expertise in the consumer-directed health care market goes back to 1993 when the company pioneered the first medical savings account (MSA), predecessor to the HSA.

A leading provider of health insurance for individuals and families for more than 65 years, Golden Rule became a UnitedHealthcare company in 2003. UnitedHealthcare’s personal health and dental plans are offered in 40 states and the District of Columbia, and marketed under the UnitedHealthOne brand. For more information, consumers can call 1-800-444-8990, visit or contact a local independent insurance broker who offers UnitedHealthOne health and dental plans.  

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