HSAcenter.com Offers Web Resources for Consumers Looking for More Affordable Health Insurance and Tax Savings


To make it easier for consumers to see firsthand if a health savings account (HSA) can help lower their family’s health care costs and their taxes, www.HSAcenter.com today unveiled its newly updated site with enhanced features and user-friendly tools.

Resources available at www.HSAcenter.com enable consumers to learn more about health savings accounts and estimate potential savings, now and over time, before deciding if an HSA might be the best choice for their family’s budget and health care needs.

HSA Center screen shot

HSAcenter.com features:

  • Three interactive calculators to estimate health insurance savings, tax savings and future value
  • Audio, video and Flash presentations
  • 2010 and 2009 deductibles, contribution limits and out-of-pocket maximums
  • Qualified Medical Expenses and other resources
  • HSA basics, including an extensive list of frequently asked questions

UnitedHealthcare’s Golden Rule Insurance Company launched HSAcenter.com three years ago as a convenient, one-stop location for consumers seeking comprehensive, straightforward information on HSAs and how they work.

Golden Rule’s experience and expertise in the consumer-driven health care market goes back more than 15 years when it introduced the first medical savings account (MSA), and today more than 30 percent of Golden Rule customers are covered by HSA health plans.

A leading provider of health insurance for individuals and families for more than 60 years, Golden Rule became a UnitedHealthcare company in 2003. UnitedHealthcare’s personal health plans are offered in 40 states and the District of Columbia and marketed under the UnitedHealthOne brand.

Consumers can find out more about HSAs and how they work at www.HSAcenter.com. For information on Golden Rule HSA plans, visit www.goldenrule.com, call 800-974-4472 or contact a local independent insurance broker who offers Golden Rule health plans.