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Reform & Modernization Solutions

Solutions to create a modern, high-performing, simpler health care system.

Future health care reform efforts should seek to make high-quality health care accessible and affordable for everyone by advancing proven, state-based sustainable coverage solutions, reducing the complexity and costs that challenge the consumer experience today, and enabling and incentivizing innovative solutions to ensure a modern, 21st century health care system for the American people.

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  • 01 Improve Access to Care

    Establish State-Based Public and Private Market Solutions, Provide States Flexibility to Design Cost-Effective Coverage Solutions, Revitalize the Private Individual Market, and Strengthen and Grow Employer-Sponsored Insurance.

  • 02 Make Health Care More Affordable

    Promote Value-Based Payments, Advance Consumer-Directed Care, Limit Excessive Price Increases, and Eliminate Harmful Taxes.

  • 03 Strengthen and Modernize Medicare

    Fund Medicare Advantage and Modernize Original Medicare.

  • 04 Reinvest in Health

    Create a 21st Century Health Workforce, Enable a Data-Driven, Interoperable System, Invest in Medical and Health Services Research and Innovation, and Prioritize Prevention.

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