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Modernization Strategies

Proposals for addressing the health care challenges facing our nation.

UnitedHealth Group is committed to helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone.

Drawing upon our experience, best practices and insights serving all key stakeholders across the health care system, we are continuing to develop forward-thinking solutions for a modernized health care system that address the health care challenges facing our nation and reflect our core health care reform principles:

  • Optimize public resources
  • Modernize government health care programs
  • Build upon the foundation of employer-based health coverage
  • Employ progressive approaches to health care benefits
  • Modernize the way care is delivered to improve affordability and quality
  • Make technology an enabling force for better health care

Our solutions address several key elements for successful health care modernization and outline how we can work together on these issues.

We remain committed to being active participants in future health care reform and modernization debates and presenting solutions that will put America on a path to a more effective, simpler and consistently high-quality health care system.