UnitedHealth Group Ventures

Investing in businesses that increase health care quality and affordability.

We provide industry insight, introduce experienced management from different industries and position new ventures with the tactics, personnel, processes and capital necessary to successfully launch and scale them. Ultimately, our goal is to unleash potential in people, ideas and companies to reinvent the health care system.

Prior to investment, significant time and resources are applied to position businesses to grow rapidly. Ideas are cultivated from data and research-based insight. We focus on how to positively impact a specific need and surround it with a broad diversity of cross-industry expertise, virtually rearranging the DNA of health care all before investors get on board.


Architecting Solutions that Reinvent Health Care

Informed Investing

Applying deep understanding of the health care market to identify opportunities around what’s needed for progress.

Profound Impact

Making health care better through measurable improvements in cost and quality.

Innovative Convergence

Infusing new DNA into the process of scaling businesses to accelerate their impact.

Strategic Collaboration

Building connections for successful development.

Consumer Driven Markets: service, technology, hardware


In the past ten years, other industries have rapidly converged to create meaningful new solutions and new business models.

Health Care: doctors, care management, insurance


Health care is on the brink of undergoing a similar convergence, although barriers to including crucial industry expertise and intelligence remain.

Convergence to Ventures


We provide the expertise and collaborative factors necessary for meaningful convergence, understanding how to best align, position and foster new solutions in health care.