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At UnitedHealth Group, innovation is deeply embedded in our DNA; it's both discipline and vision, helping us to unlock the future of health care and inspiring us to serve our customers in exceptional ways.

The breadth of our innovation is no accident.
We devote our collective resources — technology and information systems, thought leadership, and dedicated employees — to continuously testing new, targeted ways to raise the bar in health care.

We're committed to the long-term.
We've spent decades investing in the technology and information capabilities that help us bring new ideas to market faster; we've developed solutions that are practical today and scalable for tomorrow; and we've created collaborative teams dedicated to innovation across each of our businesses to share our best thinking.

We don't believe in innovation for its own sake.
Our development is guided with a practical end in view: empowering consumers; enabling access to quality care; helping the system work better; and helping improve affordability for consumers, employers, and the health care system at large.

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