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Global Health

Every nation's health care system is unique but most countries share common challenges:

  • The growing burden of chronic disease.
  • The need to improve the transparency and quality of health care.
  • And the desire to unleash greater value from ever increasing health care spending.

At the same time, health care is becoming more globally interconnected, as companies, workers, health professionals, diseases, new treatments, and innovative technologies all move across borders with increasing ease.

UnitedHealth Group—one of the world's largest and most diversified health and well-being companies—is growing internationally. Amil, Brazil's largest health care company, has joined UnitedHealth Group, creating a robust growth platform for UnitedHealth Group benefits and services in the fastest growing private health care market in the Americas.

UnitedHealth Group now serves more than 85 million people globally. We touch nearly every aspect of health care financing and delivery, all with the aim of helping people live healthier lives. And we leverage deep expertise in clinical care management and coordination, and health data and information and technology, so as to improve health, raise quality and constrain costs.

Ranked first in our industry for innovation, we are an experienced partner for families, employers, governments, hospital systems, physician groups, life sciences companies and non-profit organizations in helping design, reform and operate health care systems.

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