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About Our Comparative Effectiveness Research

Image of business peopleComparative Effectiveness Research (CER) helps create the evidence for clinical and operational best practices in health care that guides decision making and clinical policy development for care provider and payer organizations, as well as government. Optum Labs, a joint effort between Optum and Mayo Clinic, is a center for collaborative research and innovation, providing unique data and analytic resources to drive advances in CER.

A key challenge for CER is: “How can we develop evidence reliably and rapidly across a wide range of clinical and operational questions?” Historically, CER-derived evidence is gathered piece by piece through years of research resulting gradual implementation. Optum Labs meets that challenge through the use of advanced technological tools for working with clinical “big data.” One of these tools is the Natural History of Disease, a cutting edge software platform that quickly and accurately navigates a rich database of over 100 million lives with full access to clinical and claims data to repeatedly refine and explore questions of comparative effectiveness, dramatically accelerating the research process.

By equipping partners with unprecedented new data resources and tools, Optum Labs jump starts the research process by providing trustworthy results to key health care questions in minutes instead of days or weeks. The speed and scale of Optum Labs’ work allow far more questions to be considered and reduces the time from research question to evidence based results and practical adoption.

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