In-Home Visits for Medicare Advantage Members

HouseCalls combines the human touch of in-home medical examination with sophisticated technology and targeted health education to improve the health and quality of life for seniors. 

Optum's health care nurse practitioners visit UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members in their homes to:

  • Administer biometric assessments (BMI and blood pressure)
  • Provide preventive care, like flu shots
  • Assess health and living situations and refer individuals to care management, behavioral health and pharmacy resources that further support and address any issues
  • Review prescription medications and encourage stronger adherence to treatment programs
  • Educate individuals on care for chronic conditions  

By examining individuals in their homes, Optum collects critical insight unavailable outside the HouseCalls program. Using the XLCare technology support system, nurse practitioners access relevant clinical data and transfer assessment data in real-time through tablet computers. With this combination of unique information and hands-on care, nurse practitioners can build a strong foundation of trust, create stronger adherence to physicians' orders and prescriptions, and craft a plan of customized care for each individual that can be shared electronically with their care providers.