Center for Nursing Advancement

Nursing Advancement

As one of the largest employers of nurses in the United States, UnitedHealth Group recognizes the critical role of nurses in the health care system, particularly as we operate in a new era of health care modernization.

The Center for Nursing Advancement helps nurses successfully navigate the demands of the swiftly evolving nursing profession so they can become leaders in their areas of expertise and emerge as innovators in new areas of care delivery.


Our mission is to support the engagement of nurses and promote the development of nurse leaders with strong clinical skills and sharp business acumen.


Our vision is to harness the power of nursing to improve the holistic health of those we serve.

The Center for Nursing Advancement energizes nurses for an expanding role in solving some of the most pressing health care problems of today and tomorrow, preparing them to tackle the challenges of a health care system in transition and help shape the future of the industry.


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