Center for Nursing Advancement

Nursing Advancement

UnitedHealth Group is one of the nation’s largest employers of nurses and recognizes that nurse professionals have an increasingly important role in the health system as it continues to evolve.

Our Center for Nursing Advancement offers professional development opportunities to help nurses emerge as leaders and innovators in their field. The Center blends clinical expertise with solid business acumen to prepare these professionals to tackle the challenges of a health care system in transition.

In the Spotlight


(Nov. 25, 2013) News Release: New Report: Nurses Practicing Independently in Retail Clinics Deliver Significant Cost Savings for Many Common Conditions


A Career in Nursing 
UnitedHealth Group’s nurses serve in a wide variety of roles. If you have a passion for helping others and also want to help drive change in the health care industry, nursing may just be your career path.

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Cultivating Nurse Leaders
Dawn Bazarko, DNP, MPH, RN, senior vice president of UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Nursing Advancement, answered five questions regarding the future of nursing and how the Center is positioned to cultivate nurse leaders within UnitedHealth Group.

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