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Nursing Advancement

As one of the nation’s largest employers of nurses, UnitedHealth Group recognizes that nurse professionals will play an increasingly important role as the health delivery system evolves.

That’s why we established the Center for Nursing Advancement to create a culture that supports professional development and helps nurses emerge as leaders and innovators in their field.

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News Release: New Report: Nurses Practicing Independently in Retail Clinics Deliver Significant Cost Savings for Many Common Conditions

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A Career in Nursing 
UnitedHealth Group’s nurses serve in a wide variety of roles. If you have a passion for helping others and also want to help drive change in the health care industry, nursing may just be your career path.

Website Nursing Physicians and Clinicians Careers at UnitedHealth Group

Web LinkedIn: UnitedHealth Group Nursing & Clinical Career Network


UnitedHealth Group, University of St. Thomas Launch Executive Leadership Program to Help Shape Tomorrow’s Nurse Leaders
UnitedHealth Group Center for Nursing Advancement and the University of St. Thomas (UST) launched the UST Nurse Executive Leadership program to honor nurses everywhere and draw attention to the important contributions that they make to all aspects of the health care system.


Cultivating Nurse Leaders
Dawn Bazarko, DNP, MPH, RN, senior vice president of UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Nursing Advancement, answered five questions regarding the future of nursing and how the Center is positioned to cultivate nurse leaders within UnitedHealth Group.


Nursing in the United States
More than 3 million nurses are on the front line of the nation’s health care system, making nursing the largest profession in the health care workforce. As health reform, new technologies and an aging population help to shape today’s evolving health care landscape, nurses everywhere are tackling new and exciting challenges every day and helping to modernize care delivery as we know it. Learn more about the vital role nurses play in our health care system.


Programs and Resources from the Center for Nursing Advancement
In an effort to create a culture of life-long learning, the Center for Nursing Advancement provides quality training and educational resources to prepare today’s nurse professionals with the strong clinical skills and business acumen necessary to excel under the complex demands of today’s health industry. As part of this, the Center has taken a fresh approach in its own nurse workforce to improving job satisfaction.

Web Read about progressive recommendations for the future of nursing in the October 2010 report from the Institute of Medicine.


The Future of Nursing and the Expected Nursing Shortage
One of the biggest challenges facing the nursing profession is a workforce shortage, which is projected to reach 260,000 by 2025. To meet future needs, UnitedHealth Group is actively encouraging our nurses to seek advanced education and expand their clinical and business skills and capabilities.


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