Optum, our Health Services platform, focuses on helping improve the health care system itself, including population health management, care delivery and improving the clinical and operating elements of the system. 

OptumHealth serves the physical, emotional and financial needs of 81 million individuals, enabling consumer health management and collaborative care delivery through programs offered by employers, payers, government entities and, increasingly, directly with the care delivery system. OptumHealth’s solutions reduce costs for customers, improve workforce productivity and consumer satisfaction and optimize the overall health and well-being of populations.

OptumInsight provides software and information products, advisory consulting services and business process outsourcing to participants in the health care industry. Hospitals, physicians, commercial health plans, government agencies, life sciences companies and other organizations that comprise the health care system work with OptumInsight to reduce costs, meet compliance mandates, improve clinical performance and adapt to the changing health system landscape.

OptumRx provides pharmacy care services for nearly 65 million people and processes 1 billion adjusted retail, mail and specialty drug prescriptions annually. OptumRx is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health while maximizing cost savings by working closely with customers to create customized solutions to improve quality and safety, increase compliance and adherence, and reduce fraud and waste.

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