An Interactive Experience to Engage Members in Their Health

Rally, a health and wellness portal that combines technology, gaming and social media, helps people find personalized ways to eat better, move more, become more informed and improve their health. The customized portal is designed to motivate and empower people to take ownership of their health. The interactive experience includes:

  • a health survey that calculates the individual's “Rally age;”
  • tailored invitations to create personal missions based on the individual's Rally age;
  • a personalized health record;
  • rewards (“coins”) for completion of tasks or new behaviors, with the opportunity to use coins to enter sweepstakes;
  • social media and gaming that supports participation and builds community; and
  • a dashboard that showcases personal progress and content.

The health survey is easy to complete using the touch screen on a mobile device or a computer keyboard. Once complete, the individual’s “Rally age” is calculated, which helps him or her create personalized goals and an action plan for achieving them.

Users receive positive feedback in the form of “coins” for completing a task or changing to healthier behaviors. The coins can be used to enter sweepstakes.

Individuals can come together to participate in challenges and join health communities that share common interests. Social media and gaming help support and motivate progress.

The Rally experience inspires people to actively engage in their health, individually and in the community.