Working Together to Solve Health Care's Greatest Challenges

OptumLabs, founded as a partnership between Optum and Mayo Clinic, has grown into a community of partners dedicated to improving patient care by sharing information assets, technologies, knowledge tools and scientific expertise. OptumLabs:

  • Provides one of the most robust, de-identified and linked claims and clinical databases in health care.
  • Offers proprietary big data visualization tools to help its partners use de-identified data to bring new ideas to life, enabling unexpected insights that help inform better ways to ask questions and formulate hypotheses.
  • Brings together otherwise independent organizations and leaders with expertise and different viewpoints from across the health care ecosystem to address shared challenges in care, facilitating innovation and discovery.
  • Supports collaborative research by sharing data assets, knowledge tools and scientific expertise, and hosting forums to share insights and identify opportunities for innovative research that translates into improvements in care.
  • Leverages its unique data set, software power tools, data science experts and the expertise of industry-leading partners in a highly collaborative environment to accelerate discovery and progress on health care's biggest challenges.