Optum Clinical Documentation Improvement Module

Supporting Physicians in Delivering Care

The Optum® Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Module helps hospitals achieve more detailed, complete provider documentation for more accurate coding, better compliance, and faster reimbursement.

Powered by LifeCode®, the same natural language processing engine behind the Optum Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding Platform, the CDI Module can interpret the meaning and context of clinical terminology in electronic health records (EHR). Combined with Optum's proprietary rules and algorithms, it reads everything from physician documentation and diagnostic study results to prescriptions and other EHR content. The CDI software understands whether details are unclear, incomplete, or missing, then queries the physician for answers. By indexing the entire patient record the CDI software delivers more comprehensive, precise results.

Did You Know?

Optum’s CDI technology leverages the power of our patented Optum LifeCode natural language processing (NLP) engine, the industry’s first NLP engine to accurately interpret meaning and context of medical terminology in electronic health records, drawing on more than 10 million medical facts.