myHealthcare Cost Estimator

Providing Transparent Cost and Quality Information

myHealthcare Cost Estimator is an online service that helps consumers find quality care and estimate the cost for the most common treatments and procedures with maximum accuracy. Available to people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare health benefits plans, this tool draws on the company’s actual contracted rates with physicians, hospitals, clinics and other health care providers, giving consumers highly accurate pricing estimates. Estimates are also personalized to reflect an individual’s own health plan benefits, including their real-time account balances and out-of-pocket costs when applicable.

UnitedHealthcare continues to enhance myHealthcare Cost Estimator to empower consumers with relevant information about health care costs and quality. The latest advances include mobile versions for the iPhone and Android platforms, as more consumers rely on smartphones and mobile devices; cost estimates for more than 80 geographic areas covering hundreds of different treatments and procedures, including surgeries, lab tests, radiology tests and office visits; expansion of the custom “care paths” that provide a comprehensive view of appropriate treatment options, allowing consumers to evaluate various treatments and select the option that is right for them; and the ability to compare quality and cost for hundreds of thousands of different health care providers and thousands of hospitals.

Visit the UnitedHealthcare website for an overview of myHealthcare Cost Estimator.

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Did You Know?

myHealthcare Cost Estimator helps members decide which choice is best for them, plan their care and budget for medical expenses. They may save money, find doctors who better meet their needs or even learn about a health care option they've never heard of before.