myClaims Manager

Convenient Online Bill-Payment Capability Integrated With Claims Information

myClaims Manager is UnitedHealthcare’s secure, online bill-payment service that enables plan participants to pay their medical bills and manage their health care claims and related expenses from the company’s member portal, UnitedHealthcare is the only national health plan to offer its plan participants payment capabilities integrated with claims and benefits information.

myClaims Manager enables plan participants to pay medical bills electronically with their credit card, debit card, health savings account or bank account information, adding convenience for consumers while helping health care providers get paid faster and more easily. This online feature also helps people better manage their health-related finances by:

  • helping consumers check claims for accuracy and resolve any discrepancies;
  • highlighting the status of an individual’s deductible and out-of-pocket spending;
  • tracking medical expenses for tax reporting;
  • providing claim details with color-coded visuals that help consumers understand what they owe and why;
  • allowing consumers to make notes and flag claims for follow-up, as well as mark claims they’ve already paid; and
  • explaining health care terms in easy-to-understand language.

Did You Know?

Plan participants can also access myClaims Manager on UnitedHealthcare’s mobile app, Health4MeTM, to pay their medical bills from their smartphones.