Clinical Synchronization

Synchronizing Pharmacy and Care Management for Improved Outcomes

Clinical Synchronization connects pharmacy and care management systems, processes and teams to create deeper insights for better patient outcomes and savings for individuals and plan sponsors. Synchronizing pharmacy care management with clinical programs:

  • adds a sensitive and valuable barometer of compliance with treatment, as well as of current and future health status;
  • significantly increases consumer touch-points and maximizes the effectiveness of every interaction across medical and pharmacy benefits;
  • engages consumers faster and more effectively through a single clinical system and care team with a 360-degree view of real-time data, supporting more coordinated care, compliance with best practices and care consistency and quality;
  • delivers a simplified consumer experience that invites engagement and is easy to manage; and
  • shares expertise, data and insights across benefits, lowering overall costs.

When Optum clinical programs are supercharged by its pharmacy benefit manager, OptumRx, Optum makes the most of every dollar customers invest in health care, delivering increased consumer health engagement, improved care management value and overall lower costs.