Creating a circle of caring support

Advocate4Me is a customer care approach that provides UnitedHealthcare’s members with a single point of contact to address their various health needs. By calling a single toll-free number, or using their preferred communication channel, members are connected with an Advocate who provides them with end-to-end support, “owning” their request until it’s resolved. This approach results in a simpler, more personalized and informed experience for the member.

Advocates can tap into a team of experts specializing in clinical care, emotional health, pharmacy, health care costs and medical plan benefits — to help each consumer navigate the health system and get the information he or she needs. To help UnitedHealthcare anticipate and respond to member questions and concerns, data analytics and technology platforms are used to identify a member’s potential health care situation.

Advocate4Me is where technology and human interaction meet to help clear away member confusion, guide consumers to the care that’s right for them, enable access to care and make health care more affordable.