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Improve Access to Care through State-Based Health Care Market Solutions

Achieve meaningful advances in access to coverage for millions of individuals, along with greater stability, affordability, and choice in health care and fit within a state-based markets approach, by:

  • Establishing State-Based Public and Private Market Solutions. State-based health care markets are a coherently organized portfolio of state-based public and private benefit coverage platforms dedicated to appropriately achieving targeted coverage, quality, and fiscal goals.
  • Providing States Flexibility to Design Cost-Effective Coverage Solutions. Return oversight of private insurance markets to states and allow insurers to offer innovative, cost-effective products that harmonize with states' other benefit coverage platforms.
  • Revitalizing the Private Individual Market. Stabilize access to coverage and improve affordability by restoring consumer access and choice.
  • Strengthening and Growing Employer-Sponsored Insurance. Support the current tax treatment of ESI; expand access to, and incentives for, Health Savings Accounts; and allow ERISA-like flexibility for all employers to tailor employee incentives and wellness programs.