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Feasibility and Preliminary Outcomes of a Scalable, Community-Based Treatment of Childhood Obesity
(September 2012) UnitedHealth Group study offers evidence that the JOIN for ME program has the potential to meet the critical need for effective, accessible and affordable treatment for childhood obesity.

News Release: 
Web Research Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal Pediatrics Demonstrates Effectiveness of “JOIN for ME” Program to Treat Childhood Obesity


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The United States of Diabetes: Challenges and Opportunities in the Decade Ahead
(November 2010) More than 50 percent of Americans could have diabetes or prediabetes by 2020 at a cost of $3.35 trillion over the next decade if current trends continue. This paper offers practical solutions that could improve health and life expectancy, while also saving up to $250 billion over the next 10 years, if programs to prevent and control diabetes are adopted broadly and scaled nationally. 

PDF Fact Sheet: United States of Diabetes: Challenges and Opportunities in the Decade Ahead 


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Federal Health Care Cost Containment - How in Practice Can it be Done? Options with a real world track record of success 
(May 2009) The federal government could save $540 billion in health care costs over the next 10 years if existing, proven programs and techniques that have improved health care quality and slowed the growth of medical spending are applied more broadly, says this report. The report provides policymakers and health care leaders with a range of “real world” savings options.