Our History

  • 2017

    Optum and The Advisory Board Company

    The Advisory Board Company’s health care business joins Optum. The combination brings together The Advisory Board Company’s research and advisory services with Optum’s data analytics and technology capabilities to help health care clients adapt to the changing health care landscape.

    AARP Partnership

    UnitedHealth Group renewed and extended its exclusive relationship with AARP focused on improving the health and well-being of Americans 50 and older, including the most popular Medicare products among older Americans. The renewal extends the relationship on AARP-branded Medicare plans through 2025, with mutual options to further extend the relationship until the end of 2030.
    Surgeon operating

    Optum Combines With Surgical Care Affiliates

    Surgical Care Affiliates, Inc., a leading ambulatory surgery center and surgical hospital provider, combines with OptumCare, Optum’s primary and urgent care delivery services business. The combination creates a comprehensive ambulatory care services platform, including primary care, urgent care and surgical care services, and broadens the ability of the companies to improve the patient experience, and quality and cost of care.
  • 2016

    OptumRx and CVS Pharmacy

    OptumRx and CVS Pharmacy partner in a strategic relationship that brings together OptumRx's leading pharmacy care services with CVS Pharmacy's leading in-store health and wellness capabilities to expand consumer choice, reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

    OptumRx and Walgreens

    OptumRx and Walgreens partner to create a new pharmacy solution to meet consumers' changing prescription drug needs and help employers, health plans and their members achieve better health outcomes and greater cost savings.
    Image of a jogger wearing a wrist motion tracking device

    UnitedHealthcare Motion

    UnitedHealthcare and Qualcomm launch UnitedHealthcare Motion, a wellness program that provides employees with wearable devices at no additional charge and enables them to earn financial incentives for meeting specific walking goals.

    Optum Partners with Quest Diagnostics

    Optum and Quest Diagnostics, the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services, partner to help make the health system work better for patients, physicians, health plans and employers. Through this relationship Quest Diagnostics' revenue services operations will become part of Optum360, a leader in revenue management solutions for health care providers.
  • 2015

    Image of a MedExpress building

    Optum Joins With MedExpress

    Optum joins with MedExpress, a national leader in delivering high-quality, convenient and affordable walk-in care. MedExpress provides a broad scope of urgent care, occupational health and wellness and prevention services.

    Groundbreaking Cancer Programs

    UnitedHealthcare advances new approaches to cancer treatment with two groundbreaking programs that help put patients' needs at the center of care.
    Image of a pharmacy

    OptumRx Combines with Catamaran

    OptumRx combines with Catamaran to create a new competitive force, operating as OptumRx, to provide a connected, personalized pharmacy care experience for millions of Americans.
  • 2014

    Optum One

    Optum launches Optum One, an integrated analytics platform that helps care providers engage patients, coordinate care and improve outcomes. Care providers can analyze and take direct action on insights gained from data Optum One extracts from personal medical records and enriches with an overlay of claims information.

    The Longevity Network

    AARP and UnitedHealthcare launch The Longevity Network to promote innovations in health care that will improve the quality of people’s lives as they age.
  • 2013


    Dignity Health and Optum launch Optum360, a new venture to simplify patient billing and increase cost transparency for patients, and modernize administration for hospitals, care providers and payers. Optum360 combines Optum's leading technology and analytics with Dignity Health's proven infrastructure to deliver progressive revenue cycle management and medical record documentation services to large hospitals and health systems.
  • 2012


    UnitedHealthcare introduces a new mobile app, Health4Me, that brings important health information to people on the go. Features include easy access to registered nurses, personal health benefits information, and the ability to locate nearby physicians and hospitals.

    myHealthcare Cost Estimator

    UnitedHealthcare launches myHealthcare Cost Estimator, an online health resource that delivers a comprehensive view of how a treatment cost differs from doctor to doctor, and personalized cost estimates of different treatment options, comparable with the real fees and coverage levels that a person might encounter throughout the course of treatment.
    UnitedHealth Group

    New Visual Identity

    UnitedHealth Group refreshes its brand identity with an updated, modern logo and new visual design system.


    Acquired a majority ownership in Amil Participações S.A., Brazil’s largest health care company, providing health and dental benefits, hospital and clinical services, and advanced care management resources to more than 5 million people.
  • 2011

    The Optum Institute

    Optum launches The Optum Institute. The Optum Institute will leverage the company's broad health care experience and research capabilities to provide analysis and insight on the rapidly changing health care landscape.

    Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award

    The Product Development and Management Association recognized UnitedHealth Group with the 2011 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award. The award recognizes sustained (five or more years) quantifiable business results from new products and services. Past winners include such world-class innovators as Apple, Pepsi, BMW, FedEx, Bank of America, Harley Davidson and Xerox, among others.

    JOIN for MESM

    The UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform & Modernization in partnership with the YMCA of the USA and the YMCA of Greater Providence, R.I., launch JOIN for ME an evidence-based program to help children and teens reach healthier weights.

    Hearing Devices

    Our Optum's hi HealthInnovations business launches a suite of high-tech, lower-cost hearing devices for the 36 million Americans with hearing loss. The initiative also includes a new, primary care hearing test to help detect hearing deficits.

    Accountable Care Organization

    Tucson Medical Center and independent area physicians, with the help of UnitedHealth Group's Optum business, announce that they are creating the nation's first "Sustainable Health Community," based on an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model in which hospitals, physicians, residents, employers and others share in the risk and rewards of making the health system work better for everyone.
  • 2010

    Cancer Care Payment Model

    UnitedHealthcare announces an innovative cancer care payment model that bundles payments to oncologists to help ensure continuity of care for patients and improve quality and health outcomes.

    Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance

    UnitedHealth Group launches the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance, a partnership with YMCA of the USA and retail pharmacies to help prevent and control diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity.

    Electronic Health Records

    The American Medical Association selects Ingenix CareTrackerTM as the first electronic health records system offered through the AMA's new online health information solutions platform for physicians. CareTracker integrates patient medical records and e-prescribing tools in the physician's workflow.
    Image of Health Care Lane circa 2010

    Health Care Lane

    UnitedHealthcare launches its own health-focused virtual "town," Health Care Lane, to help simplify the often complex world of health benefits. Health Care Lane includes a number of "storefronts" where easy-to-understand information and tips are available about a wide range of health benefits issues, and "residents" explain fundamental health insurance topics in friendly, engaging conversations.


    Optum launches NowClinic online care. NowClinic provides secure, real-time access to a network of licensed physicians over the Internet or phone. Individuals can visit with a physician on their computers using secure live chat, and converse face-to-face using webcams. Through NowClinic, doctors can review health concerns and symptoms, discuss medications and refer patients to health care facilities for further treatment when necessary.

    UnitedHealth Personal RewardsSM

    UnitedHealthcare rolls out UnitedHealth Personal Rewards nationwide, a program that rewards people for making healthy choices part of their daily routine. Participants can earn points for financial rewards, such as reduced health insurance premiums, cash awards or a direct deposit into a health savings account.


    Optum debuts OptumizeMe, one of the first mobile fitness challenge apps brought to market. The app is designed to engage people in taking a more proactive role in their own health, and in motivating their friends, family and social networks to work toward goals for better health.

    Optum Financial Services

    Health care related financial account assets held by Optum Financial Services reach more than $1 billion; consumer accounts grow to more than 2.2 million. Individuals served by consumer-driven health plans increase to 3.4 million people.
  • 2009

    Patient-Centered Medical Home

    UnitedHealthcare launches the groundbreaking Patient-Centered Medical Home program (PCMH) involving primary care practices in Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, New York and Rhode Island, developed in collaboration with national primary care specialty societies. In the PCMH model, patients receive coordinated care from their primary care physician, or "medical home," rather than fragmented and episodic care from various health care providers or facilities.
    Image of the original DocGPS on an iPhone


    UnitedHealthcare puts its physician and facility network on Apple Inc.'s iPhone, helping improve access to health care for consumers. The new DocGPS App allows consumers to tailor their search to their specific health plan and locate nearby doctors, clinics and hospitals within the UnitedHealthcare network using the GPS functionality of iPhone 3G and 3GS.


    UnitedHealth Group announces a partnership with Cisco to build the first national telehealth network, which integrates leading health care and remote video technology systems that will give patients access to physicians and specialists when in-person visits are not possible.

    Diabetes Health Plan

    UnitedHealthcare launches the first-of-its-kind Diabetes Health Plan for individuals afflicted with diabetes and pre-diabetes. The plan includes incentives to empower individuals to more effectively manage their conditions and control their health care costs.


    OptumHealth introduces eSync, a new technology platform that collects and synchronizes individualized health care data to help identify effective care opportunities and provide people with personalized health management support. The technology helps organizations more proactively engage individuals and care providers with appropriate health care programs, while reducing costs.
  • 2008

    Premium Designation Program

    UnitedHealthcare's Premium designation program recognizes physicians for meeting quality and cost efficiency criteria across 20 distinct medical specialties and is available to consumers in 38 states plus the District of Columbia.

    Medicare Advantage SNP

    UnitedHealth Group introduces the first Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan for people with Alzheimer's and chronic dementia.

    National Comprehensive Cancer Network

    The company is the first to adopt National Comprehensive Cancer Network standards for determining chemotherapy drug coverage as part of its commitment to best science.

    UnitedHealth Continuity

    Golden Rule launches UnitedHealth ContinuitySM, an innovative product that allows consumers to apply for and lock in health insurance while they are healthy, but not use the coverage until they retire, become self-employed, unemployed, or move to a job without health benefits.
  • 2007

    Medicare Part D

    More than 5 million Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. These consumers have saved $30 billion in out-of-pocket expenses over the first two years of this program.
  • 2006

    Enhanced Card Technology

    UnitedHealth Group introduces enhanced card technology that combines health benefit information and financial information on a single card. In addition to multiple accounts, the new cards also provide access to an individual's Personal Health Record, making critical health information highly portable.
  • 2005

    Drug Safety

    Ingenix is selected by the FDA for drug safety monitoring and support. The Ingenix program includes extensive data resources and analytic capabilities to help the FDA accelerate the identification and assessment of issues and potential risks related to pharmaceutical agents.
  • 2004

    Consumer-Driven Health Plans

    UnitedHealth Group's iPlan®, consumer-driven health plans that integrate high-deductible health plans with health reimbursement accounts, is expanded to include health savings accounts for employer groups. The products are offered through the company's UnitedHealthcare and Uniprise businesses. Golden Rule, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare, offers health savings accounts to individuals.
  • 2003

    Medical ID Card Magnetic Stripes

    Uniprise introduces electronic medical ID cards that use magnetic stripe technology and the MasterCard® system and network to make it easy to verify patient eligibility and benefits in seconds.
  • 2002

    Americhoice - A UnitedHealth Group Company


    UnitedHealth Group acquires AmeriChoice as its platform for serving the most vulnerable populations in public programs. Later that year, UnitedHealthcare merged its legacy Medicaid business into AmeriChoice, with its strong management and holistic approach to serving this market.


    Ingenix introduces new knowledge and information products including Parallax i, iCES and the Galaxy clinical database that help clients gain clinical and financial insights and improve the quality of health care delivery and administration.
  • 2001

    Web Portals

    UnitedHealthcare uses web-enabled technology to simplify and improve service for physicians, enabling them to check benefit eligibility for patients and submit and review claims. The company also launches a web-based distribution portal to serve small business brokers.
  • 2000

    myuhc.com - UnitedHealthcare


    UnitedHealthcare launches myuhc.com, which enables individual customers to order ID cards, check the status of claims, and access relevant health information online.
  • 1999

    Care Coordination

    UnitedHealthcare introduces Care CoordinationSM, which eliminates prior authorizations and channels those resources into consumer and physician outreach for people who will benefit most from coordinating fragmented care delivery resources.
  • 1998

    UnitedHealth Group

    UnitedHealth Group

    United HealthCare Corporation becomes known as UnitedHealth Group and launches a strategic realignment into independent but strategically linked business segments UnitedHealthcare, Ovations, Uniprise, Specialized Care Services and Ingenix.

    Clinical Profiles

    The first release of Clinical ProfilesSM takes place. Clinical Profiles provides network physicians with data comparing their clinical practices to nationally accepted benchmarks for care.
  • 1997

    AARP Partnership

    After a rigorous selection process, AARP names United HealthCare to provide health coverage services to its members.
  • 1996


    The company's patented artificial intelligence system AdjudiPro, which is entered into the permanent research collection of the Smithsonian Institution, is awarded the CIO Enterprise Value Award.
  • 1995

    MetraHealth Companies Inc.

    The company acquires The MetraHealth Companies Inc. for $1.65 billion. MetraHealth was formed by combining the group health care operations of The Travelers Insurance Company and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.
  • 1994

    Diversified Pharmaceutical Services Inc.

    Diversified Pharmaceutical Services Inc. is sold to SmithKline Beecham Corporation for $2.3 billion.
  • 1992

    Report Cards

    United HealthCare is the first company to produce a Report Card on health care access, quality, and cost measures.
  • 1989

    Transplant Network

    United HealthCare introduces the transplant network that helps direct people to programs equipped with quality physicians and facilities to handle their complex medical needs. Over time the program expands to include conditions including cancer, kidney disease, congenital heart disease, women's health services and bariatric surgery.
  • 1988

    Pharmacy Benefits Management

    United HealthCare creates the modern pharmacy benefits management (PBM) business, linking benefit design with retail pharmacy networks and mail service through its subsidiary, Diversified Pharmaceutical Services Inc.
  • 1987


    United HealthCare begins offering EverCare, a program designed to help coordinate care for individuals in nursing homes.
  • 1984

    Image of United Healthcare Services common stock certificate


    United HealthCare Corporation becomes a publicly traded company, specializing in technology and service systems for health care.
  • 1979

    Health Plans for Seniors

    United HealthCare Corporation introduces the first network-based health plan for seniors and participates in the earliest experiments with offering private-market alternatives for Medicare.
  • 1977

    The Early Years

    United HealthCare Corporation is created to reorganize the company and becomes the parent company of Charter Med Incorporated. United HealthCare introduces such health care innovations as pharmacy/drug formularies, hospital admission pre-certification processes, physician office software to manage and control costs, mental health/chemical dependency intermediaries (behavioral health) and an insurance wrap as one feature on top of traditional HMO products.
  • 1974

    Charter Med Incorporated

    Charter Med Incorporated is founded by a group of physicians and other health care professionals who want to expand health coverage options for consumers.