Clinician Programs & Resources

The Center for Clinician Advancement offers programs and resources designed to develop clinicians and clinician leaders, advance the profession, engage and retain clinicians, and improve clinician health and well-being.  

Programs and initiatives are continually being added to support members of our care team, including resources specifically tailored to social workers and pharmacists.

Focuses on how day-to-day clinical decisions impact the quality and affordability of care, the patient experience, customer service and overall business success.

Supports the development of leadership competencies in front-line nurse managers with direct report responsibilities through a formal curriculum and action learning projects.

Brings together national thought leaders in policy, practice and education to help advance the nursing profession at UnitedHealth Group and beyond.

Combines a formal curriculum with the opportunity for participants to form mutually beneficial cross-enterprise relationships.

Provides an opportunity for a promising nurse leader to make a significant contribution to UnitedHealth Group, the health care system and the nursing profession through program leadership and scholarly activities.

Engages senior nurse leaders in the development of an executive mindset and presence and enhances their ability to drive systemic change across the enterprise.

Provides selected nurses an opportunity to earn an MSN degree and develop advanced clinical and business management skills with a special emphasis on education and leadership.

Acknowledges and publicly recognizes exemplary clinicians who demonstrate values-based practices, strong clinical leadership and outstanding business results and in so doing, inspire others.