UnitedHealth Group

2015 Annual Review

Thank you for your interest in UnitedHealth Group.

The health care system continues to evolve. Consumers want more transparency, higher quality and more personalization. Physicians and other care providers are taking on greater accountability, being paid for performance in an ever more demanding health care environment. The influence of advanced information technology is transforming care delivery and administration. Governments worldwide are trying to advance higher quality care, while bringing costs under control.

UnitedHealth Group, Optum and UnitedHealthcare are responding to change by offering practical innovations, strong support for clinical excellence and the actionable information and technological tools people and their care providers need for better decision-making.

In 2015, UnitedHealth Group continued to drive overall growth and solid shareholder returns. The enterprise moved steadily forward, grounded in strong fundamental execution, quality improvement and strategic investments. We are entering 2016 with better momentum and more opportunities than ever before. We expect growth to accelerate this year and remain strong in 2017, 2018 and throughout the next decade.

(Photo Above) A care provider and patients at one of the 160 MedExpress care centers operated by Optum, offering walk-in urgent care and a variety of other medical services. MedExpress is just one example of how Optum is helping improve access to high quality, convenient, affordable health care.