Improving Quality and Access

Bridging Geography and Economics to Help Kids; The American Southwest presents a vast landscape of overwhelming natural beauty. Bounded by four sacred peaks, the 27,000-square-mile sovereign Navajo Nation along with Hopi lands stretch across the high desert, hundreds of miles from urban medical centers. Visit with the dedicated leaders of the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, located within the Navajo Nation, as they pioneer the use of telemedicine to overcome geographic and economic barriers to specialty care. Play video

Quite simply, consumers want health care that is easy to navigate and gets them to the care they need. UnitedHealth Group leverages technology and information to connect patients and clinicians in ways that break down traditional barriers to care – whether geographic, economic or social. Collaborations with hospital leaders, physicians and technology companies make it easier for people to access information and health services no matter where they are.

Programs such as the featured collaboration with health care leaders in the Navajo Nation mark an evolution in care delivery and a new approach to bridging critical gaps in access to timely, quality health care.